Chocolate truffles

Chocolate truffles

I hereby share with you the results of today’s experiments with white chocolate truffles:

I made the ganache yesterday and was obviously in a wild and experimental mood, so I came up with the following flavour combinations:

1 – strawberries with a pinch of black pepper, rolled in toasted coconut or almond flakes

2 – cointreau, rolled in orange peel

3 – mezcal with a pinch of chipotle, rolled in rose petals

Now, as you can see, some of the ganache was too runny – I’m assuming it needs more cocoa solids/butter, but I spooned out the mixture anyway sprinkled the toppings on top and put them in the freezer. These can be frozen truffles!

So the shape may not have been what I was envisaging, but OH, the taste!!! The strawberry one is divine, the cointreau is heavenly, but my favourite is the chipotle/mezcal – that is just yummmmmmmmmm!

I also didn’t have time to grate the orange peel, so I stuck most of the cointreau ganache into the freezer in it’s bowl and I’ll make them later. If there are any chocolate makers out there and you can let me know how to solidify the ganache a little, do let me know (the hot day today probably didn’t help…).

Still, looking forward to my frozen mezcal truffles!